Threat – Leather Soles of Footwear Can Be Treacherously Slippery

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Leather SOLES

This write-up describes why you don’t want to put on leather-based sole costume sneakers. The standard rationale is that leather-based is slippery, even when dry.

Gown Footwear

Gown sneakers ought to provide two capabilities. 1st, they should seem dressy so that you radiate course and very good taste to all who see you. This is in particular crucial if you’re an legal professional likely to courtroom or assembly customers. Your sneakers and haircut will be inspected at these encounters. So you want your sneakers to seem dressy. Black leather-based is the finest choice for the uppers of your sneakers. But what about the soles?

Leather SOLES

Leather soles seem wonderful but are slippery, even on dry surfaces. Primarily when new, they can be dangerous to your health and fitness mainly because you can slip when walking on a challenging floor, a street, or even a concrete sidewalk!

There are modifications that you can make to leather-based soles to render them a small a lot less slippery, but these answers are ultimately unsatisfactory. We’re speaking about chopping a crisscross pattern into the leather-based soles with a sharp knife, or including rosin to the soles the way boxers utilized to do to their boxing sneakers. Neither solution is ample. (Incidentally, most boxing sneakers currently are no lengthier made with leather-based soles, indicating that in the environment of qualified boxing athletes have figured out the lesson of steering clear of leather-based soles entirely.)


Rubber soles are much better than leather-based mainly because they gives superior traction on every single conceivable floor, including ice and snow. With present day technology, you can find no rationale why a costume shoe should have a slippery leather-based sole. For case in point, Florsheim gives F-LITE EMAX rubber outsoles on some cap-toe costume sneakers. A somewhat much more informal case in point is the Nunn Bush Maxwell black leather-based costume shoe. A person of the nicest layouts is the Prada ebony leather-based emblem depth cap-toe Oxford with rubber soles, which retailed for $472 in 2011. Other top quality costume sneakers are also accessible with rubber soles.

If a shoe’s rubber soles don’t seem far too sporty, that is, if they don’t have corrugations or clear sneaker-like designs that can be found from the aspect, then they’re a very good choice. A manufacturer who appreciates about the value of rubber soles and how they give much better traction, is a manufacturer who will also choose care of other information, such a model and building.

It is really incorrect to say that only a leather-based sole appears to be dressy. Rubber soles can be made to seem as dressy as leather-based, and they’re significantly much more comfortable and safer than leather-based. As picture consultants for lawyers and individuals from all walks of lifestyle, we advise customers to not only seem dressy but also to put on comfortable safe footwear, and this usually means perfectly developed rubber soles.

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