How to Spot a Phony Versace Handbag

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Plastic packaging: An genuine Versace handbag will not have anything, any part or accessory wrapped in plastic or shrink wrap of any sort. This is also a common explain to for any major designer handbag. Products originating in Italy, indicating … Read More

To Faux or Not to Faux?

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When it comes to purses is it much better to fake it or save up right until you really don’t have to! All ladies have their possess detail, whether or not its sneakers, clothes, jewellery or like me purses. If … Read More

An Introduction to Purse Producing

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Where Do Handbags Arrive From? Have you ever questioned where your designer purse arrived from and what went in to building it? And how does a purse go from an thought to a finished product and why do they expense … Read More

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